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With the Spring Comes Rebirth in So Many Ways…

winged heartI wasn’t actually planning to post anything, but something made me wander to my website, and I though “Oh… I haven’t been here in a while…”

Where have I been? Many places, growing the new seedlings that have come up now that winter has passed… among the many activities I’m involved with, I was elected to the Executive Council for Spiral Earth Explorations, and I Officially dedicated my Coven and began working with Seekers.

I am also creating a new workshop for GBM which will focus on creating sacred jewelry; it will be lecture and based with some experiential exercises on energy and “vision”, and I am hoping my students will find it both fascinating and inspirational. I am looking at presenting beginning in June… more details to come.

That’s it for now… I’ve got a really busy day in the studio ahead of me.

Brightest Blessings,