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At the moment I am working by private commission in addition to creating ready made pieces for SoCalQueen in La Jolla, CA.

What I can offer you here, and it is my preferred body of work, is the opportunity to have a custom piece created for you to energetically support who you are (at the core of yourself) and support your goals as you move forward in this phase of your life (think 3-months to a year).

In a nutshell, you and I commune with Spirit (though you don’t have to be present if you don’t want to be, I just need your permission), I do a reading from assorted divination tools as I am guided, and together we choose the gemstones, colors, and styles will best support the path you wish to travel next.

I can work with you in person, or remotely. You do not need to be in the same room. Indeed you don’t even need to be in direct contact at the time of the reading. All I need is your consent, and Spirit provides the rest. And no, I don’t do the “you need to pay me millions of dollars to remove a curse” thing – I work in a very ethical, positive, and uplifting way. If you are unsure, I’m happy to provide references.

When it comes to creating the specific item, we’ll talk about all of the facets of the design and come up with the right piece at the right price for you. It could be earrings, a pendant, a full necklace, a charm bracelet, a belly chain, ankle bracelet, a tiara… you get the idea, we’re only limited by our imaginations.

So the cost to get started?


This includes the reading and a $25.00 credit towards your custom design, should you desire to move forward, as well as the final Blessing and Energetic Charging of your piece (if you wish to have that) before it is shipped to you.

You can contact me via email at or click here, and we’ll set an appointment to get started.

Once we have set up an appointment, you can use the PayPal button below to make a secure online payment.

I think of my creations kind of like my children. It is with a mix of  joy and a bit of sadness that they leave my hands – it’s almost like watching kids go off to college: I’m going to miss them, but I know they’re going off to bring more beauty and love into the world. The Blessings that are sent with them are that of Universal Love and Every Good Wish.

Brightest Blessings,

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