Getting Ready For School

I’ve been plugging away at creating classes and partnering up with a local bead shop to provide some wonderful events to would-be jewelry makers, and it’s been taking up quite a bit of time. I’m kinda resentful about the time factor. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do, and it really pisses me off!

I know, I know “Welcome to my life,” you say as you giggle…

Well… it still isn’t fair! I’m having too much fun, and all of a sudden it’s time to call it a night.

I kinda feel like the kid at the amusement park who just didn’t get to go on all the rides, and is really not happy with the park closing.

The good news, of course, is that I’m really jazzed and I’m doing what I love.

I just want more! I want to give more! And I’m excited that I get to start doing this again. It’s been a long time.

Right now I’m taking a break from creating some of the class handouts to finally put up a blog post – as I think I’ve mentioned before, building this new habit of blogging  hasn’t that easy for me, but the good news is, it’s getting a little easier. New things have a way of doing that. Remember using your first cellphone? Yeah… it’s old hat now, huh. That’s what I’m hoping for here, too.

Brightest Blessings,


Letting go… Getting Closure… Walking into What’s Next

Making life changes isn’t always easy.

Oh, it’s easy to move, redecorate, maybe even start a new job or school… at least that’s been the easy part for me. I find that I really enjoyed the “project” side of whatever new event was being created in my life, and in fact, in many ways I still do. There’s an excitement about whatever is new.

I love dreaming, creating new dreams of what I want next, and talking to others about their dreams and exploring ways of how to make them real. It’s a real passion of mine. The problem is getting lost in their dreams and then forgetting about my own.

Although I have been a serious “seeker” of spiritual pathways for more than 28 years, it was only during the last few years that I finally saw the growth from diligently working on my inner self and clearing out old ways of thinking and being that no longer served me. It’s been quite a process and it’s one I am sure will continue for the rest of my life. What changed for me? I finally stopped caring about what other people think.

That may sound mean, but it’s not.

The only person that truly has to be pleased with who I am and what I do is me.

It took me almost my entire life to finally learn that lesson. And let me tell you it feels good. Really good. Solidly good.

Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about other people; anyone who knows me knows that I love truly and deeply, that I have wonderful friends and family, and that I give of myself in many ways to the community. But I don’t keep those relationships because I’m expected to, or I have to. Each one of them is a choice I make because it fills my soul with happiness.

I’ve done a lot of letting go of relationships and ways of being that were hurtful, harmful, or just plain made me unhappy. Believe it or not, even though they were really no-brainer decisions when I finally saw them for what they were, it was still hard to let them go. There was a grieving process that went along with them.

Sometimes I want to run so fast into the future that I’m trying to create, that I forget to slow down and breathe. I am changing. It takes time. Breathe, Maria… breathe… The web isn’t going anywhere, yet… there’s plenty of time to grow the business. 🙂

Brightest Blessings,




Busy… in a good way…

Life happens, as you well know, and trying to build a new habit of blogging has had its challenges… but they say it’s about progress, not perfection…

I’ve been busy creating some classes, finding a bead shop to partner with for the space and resources, and creating flyers, etc. I’m really excited about teaching these classes again, and I hope you’ll join me.

I love teaching, and I love jewelry so what better way to share the love than to teach a jewelry class, or two… or a whole series (yes, I’m working on that, too!) Exciting stuff!

But for now, I’m running off to get ready for the Metaphysical Faire at the Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship that’s happening today 8/16/14 beginning at 12 noon. I’ll be selling  jewelry, crystals, and beaded handbags. See you at the Faire!

Brightest Blessings!


Crack Open the Champagne!

I did it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know this is a very tiny step in the realm of humanity, but it’s one giant step for me, so I’m going to celebrate it!

I finally got to the video on making and posting a gallery, and I published my first one! Yay!

It’s on the home page right now… where it moves to remains to be seen…  all the pieces in this first gallery are on sale (if they haven’t already been sold) at SoCal Queen at 1010 Torrey Pines Rd, San Diego, CA 92037 (on the web at

Be sure to give Benta a big smile and hello from Maria when you visit and check out her gorgeous clothing and my lovingly-made designs!

Brightest Blessings!


Taking Care of Esssentials

The Cloud scare from the other day sent me off in the direction of backing things up, re-organizing photos, making a back-up of the back up etc… and now that the weekend is almost done, I’ll be able to get back to learning more about creating this site.

In the meantime here’s a link to SoCal Queen in La Jolla, CA where some of my creations are living & waiting to find a good home…

Brightest Blessings!




New Business Cards

Restarting a business involves a long to-do list… among them is getting new business cards.

I changed my mailing address a few days ago and intended to get the business cards ASAP… it’s 3 days later, so it would appear that my life is running with a 3-day lag. Apparently too many things on the to-do list.

The good news is, I got the cards done this morning (it only took me 3.5 hours), and they’ll be here in about 10 days. The bad news is that I haven’t figured out how to get more hours into my day yet so I can work on this website today. So I’m leaving now to go tackle some other really important items but I will be back sooner rather than later,  ’cause that guy on the web-building video I watched yesterday really delivered on his promises. He’s good. I was able to change the site name and put up a header image. And I’m excited to do more.

BTW, the header image is only temporary – it’s from a piece of fractal art that I created, and I love it because to me it symbolizes bright creativity emerging from the matrix, and that’s what’s happening for me at this point in time.

Where’s the jewelry you ask? It’s coming. I promise.

TTFN & Brightest Blessings!


My Favorite Fractal - created by me!

It starts now.

At 5:11am this morning my eyes voluntarily opened, and apparently part of me wanted to be awake and get the day started, it’s very enthused about this… the physical part of me however, is not so sure about the whole idea, yet willing to go along even though my fingers are kinda fumbling around on the keyboard…

It’s now 5:44, and so far I’ve managed to find a cool video tutorial about how to create this website. The world has changed SO much since the last time I built a website. I used to know how to do it, but not anymore. Learning all these new things is quite intimidating, yet completely exciting all at the same time. The guy on the video seems really nice, so I’ll give it a try. He promises that this stuff is easy, and that in a short time, I’ll have this website up and really ready for us.

Okay here I go… wish me luck!

Brightest Blessings,